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Issue-2 (Apr-June 2021)
Characteristics of Burn Injury in Paediatric Age Group,2021;11(2):36-38

Author:Satish D Gadade, Narendra N Hombalkar, Priya D Dhandore, Monali D Sonawane

Keywords:Burn injury, Paediatric, Total Body Surface Area (TBSA)

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Correlation of Ultrasonography and Doppler Findings of Pelvic Masses in Female Patients with Clinical and Histopathological Features,2021;11(2):39-42

Author:Shankarsnehit B Patil, Raveendra D Totad, Ramesh V Mankare, Praveen Ganganahalli

Keywords:Ultrasonography, Histopathology, Pelvic mass, Correlation

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Peroneus Tertius: Variations and Clinical Applications in Gujarati Population,2021;11(2):43-45

Author:Rashvaita K Patel, Vipul D Patel

Keywords:Peroneus tertius, variations

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Effect of Maternal Obesity on Cord Blood Glucose Level of Term Neonates,2021;11(2):46-48

Author:Amit D Sonagra, DVSS Ramavataram

Keywords:glucose, maternal obesity, pregnancy, umbilical cord blood.

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Evaluation of Results of Multiplanar Fixation in Lower Third Tibia Fracture,2021;11(2):49-52

Author:Sanjay N Modi, Jigneshkumar L Baria

Keywords:Multiplanar fixation, tibia fracture

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Correlation between Pulmonary Thromboembolic Complications Detected by CT Pulmonary Angiography in COVID-19 Pneumonia Patients with Clinical, D-dimer Level, CTSI Score and its Prognostic Implication- A Retrospective Study,2021;11(2):53-58

Author:Hiral N Modi, Avni M Patel, Tapan P Solanki

Keywords:CT pulmonary angiography (CTPA), Pulmonary Embolism (PE), D-dimer, CRP, CBC, COVID-19.

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Ectopic Breast at a Rare Site - A Case Report,2021;11(2):59-61

Author:Sowmiya Jayachandran, Geetha sree Anumakonda, Aparna Chinnam, Baleswari Golla

Keywords:ectopic breast, vulval mass

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